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Our team takes it seriously to deliver a satisfactory final solution to the customer. We take over a lot of responsibility and offer transparency at every challenge. Our decisions are made by cooperative partnership with our clients. In teamwork we integrate our partners through shared visions and try to solve tasks to the last detail, which distinguishes our strength. Our client is involved from the start in the project and also informed.

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Helmut Gabriel
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Helmut Gabriel
E-Mail: gabriel@gabrielconstruction.com
M: +43 664 100 60 77
T: +43 1 6160044
Technical procurement
Dijana Ivanovic
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Ida Kök
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Andreas Heubrandtner
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Josef Finyak
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3D CAD Construction: Inventor, Creo, Catia, SolidWorks, SolidEdge


We are looking for designers for our constructions in jigs, steel and fixtures.


Rail Coupling Adapter

In 2009 we developed a rail coupling adapter for transfer journeys, an innovative transport solution for rail vehicles.
With this rail coupling adapter, wagons with varying coupling heights and various coupling types can be coupled. For the installation of a rail coupling adapter, the respective wagon is measured individually and a suitable coupling adapter is constructed.
No changes are made to your rail vehicle during installation, no welding or drilling on the chassis is necessary. Thus, the possibility of dismantling is given at any time.
In combination with our height-adjustable coupling carrier, a rail coupling adapter allows variable coupling in a range from 400mm to 1400mm, measured from the top edge of the rail to the centre of the car coupling.
The rail coupling adapter complies with the TSI.

Rail transportation dolly – track gauge 1435-1520
Rail transportation dolly – track gauge variable

The latest model for transfers based on ultra-modern technology, offers technical sophistication and absolute safety.
The versatile seating system provides maximum comfort, convenience and functionality at top speeds of up to 60 km/h.